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Collaboration Format

Welcome to the Collaborative!
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Monthly events are designed to foster community, inspire curiosity and provide each participant with dynamic feedback on their touch so that LMTs can explore areas of professional focus with the support and insight of their peers. Each 3-hour collaboration event begins with an opening circle for participants to speak briefly on areas of current focus in their practice. Putting words to what you do is an important aspect of bodywork practice in itself. All levels of professional practice and all modalities of massage therapy are welcome at the events. Table and mat-based practice occurs.

After the opening circle, each participant will exchange in a 3-part trade of giving, receiving and observing each other's work. Sessions will last approximately 30-40 minutes each. During the trades, open discussion is encouraged between givers, receivers and observers to capture real-time feedback on the touch and allow everyone an opportunity to try new things, share their personal theories and teach each other what we know. Regardless of your level of experience, we all have something to learn and something to teach. The sequence of events follows a basic structure for time's sake, but the exchanges happen quite organically. Discussion and integration of the work will follow the trades in a closing circle.

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A word on feedback

Give it! Receive it! Practice It!

Quality professional feedback is one of the most potent forms of teaching in the practice of bodywork, yet most of us do not regularly find ourselves giving massage to other LMTs with the specific intention of hearing feedback on our touch. Austin Bodywork Collaborative offers an environment designed around the idea that high-level feedback from those who speak the language of bodywork is essential to reaching our highest potential in the art of touch. Arrive to our collaborations with the bravery necessary to give honest, respectful and constructive feedback to your peers who have arrived with the bravery to hear it. 

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